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20 rules of writing for the Web



Nowadays there’s no getting away from it, we all need a blog and a website, whatever our profession. I talk to loads of people who say they don’t know where to start, what should they write about –  “I’ve got nothing interesting to say”, they tell me. Writing for the web, writing a blog post, updating your website, needs to be done regularly to refresh it, ensure Google picks you up in a search and more importantly I think it keeps you focusing on your business. Here are some tips. 

  1. Write what you know and have an opinion about. Your reader may feel differently but they will recognise your own passion.
  2. It needs to be ‘of the moment’, readers want topical posts that pertain to what’s going on right now.
  3. Your title needs to be attention grabbing with keywords that will be picked up on a search.
  4. Avoid jargon, your reader isn’t going to share anything they don’t understand and that’s your aim, to get them to ‘share’ with their network to grow yours.
  5. If you quote someone else, make sure you quote accurately and give the source, name, book, date.
  6. By all means base it on another post you’ve read, but make it your own, unique to you.
  7. A good image to accompany your piece is ‘a must’.
  8. Avoid straight sales pitches, add your credentials at the end and a link to where the reader can buy your book or make contact.
  9. Use first person for your blog post and a more disassociated third person for your website.
  10. Check grammar and spelling. You lose credibility with mistakes.
  11. 500 words is the norm for a blog post, break up website copy into paragraphs with sub titles to help the reader navigate.
  12. Get to the point in the lead paragraph and proceed convincingly from there.
  13. Use tags and categories to help people find your post.
  14. Write daily or at least three times a week.
  15. If you are clean out of inspiration, copy and paste an old blog post then go back through it making changes to update it with your new thinking on the topic and hey presto you have a brand new blog post.
  16. If you’re feeling really creative one day, write all the posts for the week and then schedule posting so they are spread over the week.
  17. Respond to comments and engage your reader.
  18. Use the ‘share’ button to spread the word onto Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and anywhere else your target market will see.
  19. Keep your blog and website separate, the tone of a blog is ‘entre nous’ but your website needs to be your business card.
  20. Enjoy! If writing isn’t your thing, you can commission blog posts on Elance, Fiverr, People per hour or use the contact form below!