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I haven’t always been a writer. I had a very successful career in Children’s Market Research and then I decided to write. I had always loved writing and reading and when had lunch with an old friend of mine who told me about the course he had just finished, I decided to sign on immediately. It was an Open University course in Creative Writing. I absolutely loved the course and went on to do the Advanced Creative Writing Course as well and then the Children’s Literature course. In fact, had they had any more courses I would have done them too. I can really recommend them. I’ve attended a number of workshops too over the years and have to admit to being rather in love with writing. I like nothing better than a new writing project which is why I always have one on the go. It could be an Upwork project, a new book, a blog post, an editing assignment or teaching English as a foreign language , there’s always writing happening in my office.

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At just about the same time I did some training in NLP,  Neuro Linguistic Programming. Although the course was geared towards business, I found it totally applicable to parenting and as I had four children aged toddler to teens, I lost no time in trying it out on them. It was amazingly successful so you won’t be surprised to hear that at one of the talks I attended through the Open University Creative Writing course, I mentioned to one of the speakers from Hodder and Stoughton that I would like to submit a proposal to them about NLP and Parenting. I did say though that the only writing I had done had been ghost writing. I fully expected her to dismiss my suggestion but she didn’t so I immediately submitted and after the second attempt  my proposal was accepted. I have now written a number of books with them.

Be a happier parent with NLP (2011)

Successful Market Research in a Week (2012)

NLP Workbook (2012)

Self-Esteem Workbook (2013)

Secrets of the NLP Masters (2014)  

I did feel though that busy mums need something quick and easy to read and I also wanted to write workbooks for kids and teens. Hodder weren’t interested in publishing those but I found a specialist NLP publisher who was so MX Publishing have my Engaging NLP range of workbooks.


With MX Publishing I also have a number of children’s books

Queens of Africa


What if?


The Alternative Writing Doctor offers writing services with an alternative twist because I am an NLP coach and Trainer. Not only can I show you as a write how to use NLP techniques to help you with your writing but I also use the techniques myself in order to deliver an excellent range of services including;

  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media

I am a member of the Society of Authors . You can also find my portfolio there and also on Upwork


You can find my writing portfolio here.



I also offer writing coaching for people at work or those who are writing in their leisure time. This is done by email, Skype or phone.

I can also come into your company and run a workshop or train people in writing and speaking English if it is not their first

language as I am a qualified teacher of English as a second language.

If you sometimes struggle with your writing, give me a call on 01628 660618 or email judy@hitchamvale.co.uk

NLP for Writers is a Skype course which combines NLP and Writing. Contact me for details.

You can contact me using this form if you prefer.


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