Homeopathy and writer’s block

What is writer’s block?

Endless staring at a blank page or word document, the twiddling of a pen between your fingers, frequent visits to Facebook or the fridge, many cups of tea.

That idea is in the back of your mind, but it’s shy. Somehow it has to be fully formed before it leaps, sparkling and singing, onto your page.

Somewhere between your reticent idea and your fat, beautifully covered novel or red-carpet movie première are a bundle of words that need to be herded together and fed through the pasture gate in perfect order.

But let’s face it, the material reality of the fat novel or the movie première is scary. Is it an impossible goal? Am I punching too far above my weight? Do my words have worth? Will they ever make it into print or on the screen?

Best let them lurk, let them slink, solitary-like, around the recesses of my mind. If I put them down on the page then I commit to action. I commit to my dream. I might succeed, but then again, I might fail, and I’m not sure which is more scary.

The enormity of the task facing writers is probably the biggest barrier to finishing, or even starting, a serious piece of writing. In the course of writing a serious piece of art, your whole self will be jolted, provoked, tested, stretched, piqued. In essence, you will come face to face with yourself. Homeopathic treatment can help you face your demons, understand your grief, unravel your traumas, and clear the way to superb, enlightened writing.

On the other hand, you may be totally sorted and none of that applies to you. It could just be that you are simply blank. You haven’t got a single witty word to say.

So write that down. “I haven’t got a single witty word to say.” Keep going. “My mind is blank. There are no thoughts in my mind.” Keep going. “Oh look – a squirrel has just climbed the tree outside my window. I wonder if it has a mate? Are they going to have a squirrel party? Squirrel parties are cool: they….”

See what has just happened? You have used the principles of homeopathy to lead to writing. Homeopathy rests on the Law of Similars – that which causes the disease can cure the disease. So what cures a blank mind? An even blanker mind!

That is why meditation (or allowing your mind to be empty) before writing is probably the biggest cure of writer’s block, and the greatest engenderer of fine creative thought and writing.

Homeopathic treatment combined with meditation will lead to untold creative fertility. I should know – I do both, and have just completed my first feature-length movie screenplay.

If you would like more information on how homeopathy can help your creative process, or fancy a bit of coaching to get your writing juices flowing, please contact me on 07885 529060

Julia Lockwood BA RSHom, homeopath and writer.


Julia works as a freelance writer and homeopath for The Alternative Writing Doctor, based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

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